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Re: Impartial?

23 July, 2011 10:42PM
Richard, I think you have an agenda which is something this site does not have other than trying to help people want an intelligent input to problem they have, usually when the whole cycling area is new to them. This I hope it does quite well.

As to your point about helmet wearing. My own view is that neither the vehement helmet proposers nor the vehement helmet gainsayers help matters. The best approach is somewhere down the middle. Putting on a helmet is a simple thing you can do to mitigate against the possible adverse effects of a low probability event and is therefore a good idea.

As for the data, the neutral view is that no statistics are collected that in a way could resolve the debate. What information is available can be used by people from either side of the argument to support their cause but it is something that politicians do because when regurgitating the scientific analysis they tend to pick out the bits that appear to support their argument ignoring the qualifications that the scientists had placed on their conclusions. Its something I know a bit about.

What you are left with is the anecdotal evidence and that suggests that wearing a helmet when riding a bike is a pretty good idea even though the chances of you needing it are low. What you need to do is to talk to people who meet a lot of cyclists who have been in accidents. A&E staff are all in favour because, as cotterpin says, they see the effects of head injuries and anything to reduce the injuries even in some of their cases is to them a good thing. Same with bike shop owners. In my own customer base I have at least two who are absolutely convinced that the presence of a helmet saved them from very serious head injury. Two may not be many, but for them it was pretty important and no amount of argument would convince them to ride a bike without one.

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Re: Impartial?

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