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Re: pinnacle bikes

09 November, 2011 11:51AM
And in support of DocB's ascertions... I'd also be questioning why Hydraulic disc brakes are high on your priority list for a hybrid.

To be honest, disc brakes are just gizmo's in most situations. They take extra looking after, are not particularly DIY maintenance friendly and, if they do go wrong you can often be left with a hefty bill for sorting them out. If you are going down the route, pretty much only Shimano and Formula equipped bikes are worth considering (most of the others are just cheap "badged" chinese jobs) and to get to that level, you'd be looking at £700-£800 hybrids.

Even a relatively basic all alloy V-Brake, if setup correctly, will equal the performance of a disc brake and in the case of almost all the cheap discs (cable and hydraulic) the V-brake will often outperform.

If suspension forks are also to feature on your priority list, don't even consider anything that doesn't have a "lockout" option. The majority of your riding will be on tarmac roads where suspension is largely superfluous and, in most cases actually hinders your ride rather than enhansing it. A lockout option enables you to supress the effects of the spongy front end. Again, suspension forks on hybrids are a bit of a gizmo... unless you plan to do a lot of untarmac'ed path riding, suspension can be more of a hindrance than a bonus. My kids both have Scott Sportster P3's. Daughter rides with the suspension ON, but isn't bothered about speed, just pootles around, whereas my son 9now away at Uni) used to go off for 20-30 mile rides and rarely if ever has he turned the lockout back to put the suspension back on! The suspension simply slows him down!

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pinnacle bikes

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