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Re: Which tourer?

12 March, 2012 10:52AM
That's the problem when talking in generalities Murray, there are always contrary examples. I'm also tempted to say that your bike is probably very well looked after and prepared for the journey and that can have beneficial effects.

My shop is about half way on one of the LEJOG routes and I am reminded of the Saturday I spent rescuing a group who had set off on brand new bikes for which they had paid £600 and they had thought they had spent enough. The wheels on three identical bikes were in a sorry state with loose and broken spokes. I managed to get them going but not before they had phoned ahead to get some new wheels delivered to their next overnight stop.

One of the biggest problems I see with bikes these days, especially those in the intermediate price range, is the mixing up of component quality. The bikes above were a prime example. The bikes looked very good value from the broad spec but the maker had got the price down by using wheels that were way below the spec of the rest of the bike and they had caused trouble. Once you get into the £1000+ price range then you do not tend to get these problems.
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Which tourer?

LEJoG attempter 11 March, 2012 07:05PM

Re: Which tourer?

DocB 12 March, 2012 09:57AM

Re: Which tourer?

Murray R Langton 12 March, 2012 10:25AM

Re: Which tourer?

DocB 12 March, 2012 10:52AM

Re: Which tourer?

cotterpin 12 March, 2012 12:10PM

Re: Which tourer?

IrishBill 29 April, 2012 06:45AM

Re: Which tourer?

DocB 29 April, 2012 01:34PM

Re: Which tourer?

cotterpin 30 April, 2012 01:28PM

Re: Which tourer?

Brian 24 October, 2012 08:14PM


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