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19 July, 2012 07:44PM
Hi all

I my self bought a 21 gear mountain bike from bikes2u aka Highfield cycels. After only a couple of weeks the bike that I had had to get a pay day loan for as a matter of urgancy broke. I was cyceling down the road steady away and all of a sudan "bang" the bike came to a grinding hault as I looked at the brandnew bike in despair, I realised that the rear cog derailer thingy had come away compleatley and the chain had jammed stuck. I knew instantley that the bike was seriously out of action. Been a new bike I contacted Bikes2u and asked them to pick the bike up and have it fixed (a not to big of an ask). To my suprise the same people who had been so nice to me when I was ready to buy from them had turend almost un intrested and in my opinion rude! I told them exactly what at happend and that I was an experienced cycelist and it was obviously a manafacture isue. In my amazment they refused to pick up the bike untill they had seen a picture of the fault. I then explaned that I did not have a digital camera and had no way of taking the pic and uploading it to them. now before I go any further let me point out that I am the bread winner for my young family, my girlfreind is off work looking after our 6month old son and she is pregnant again. I told them of this and how I was on minimum wage and had bought the bike to get me to work. This went on for over a week,emails going backwards and forward me telling them I had no cammera and them insisting they needed to see a picture.All the time my new bike just sitting their and me on top of saving the cash to repay the payday loan having to pay busfaires-a cost i could not aford.Well I could no longer aford the dead money of busfaires so I took the bike to Halfords(who was fanastic by the way) he photod and emaild me the pic of the manafa-tbc
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rob.b 20 June, 2012 02:11PM

Re: bikes2udirect..awful

cotterpin 22 June, 2012 11:59AM


chris 19 July, 2012 07:44PM

Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

chris 19 July, 2012 08:15PM

Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

DocB 20 July, 2012 07:41AM



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