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Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

20 July, 2012 07:41AM

Sorry to hear your story. Sounds like the gear hanger broke on your bike. This is a small unit designed to break if the derailleur gets hit or caught up somehow. If it were not there then you would either break the derailleur or the frame.

The problem with this sort of failure is to decide how it happened. I have never seen a faulty hanger although like everything else, there is always a first time. If you were just riding along and it broke then it might have happened either when you were changing gear and the chain jammed or when you changed into bottom gear and the derailleur caught the wheel. Assuming that the bike has not been dropped on its side and knocked the derailleur out of line then neither of these things should have happened on a nearly new bike. In my shop it would have been sorted quickly at no cost to you.

To be very blunt you have bought a cheap bike from a cut price on-line retailer who seem to have a bit of a reputation if you look through threads on this forum. You find out the implications of going this route when things go wrong. As we have said many times on this forum bikes need to be built and serviced at the retailer and the performance of the bike depends on how well this is done. Believe me, its the cheap bikes which are the most difficult to build and get right. I don't sell them for that reason. If the retailer cuts the price then he has to cut his costs and the things that suffer are the quality of the work done on assembling the bike and then customer service when it comes to sorting out problems. The net result is that the bike does not work very well and you get the run around when it comes to warranty issues. Your story is far from uncommon.

By the way, there are some very good on line retailers who would have had the bike collected and sorted or arranged for a local shop to do the work for them. You will not find them very high on the price comparison lists.
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rob.b 20 June, 2012 02:11PM

Re: bikes2udirect..awful

cotterpin 22 June, 2012 11:59AM


chris 19 July, 2012 07:44PM

Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

chris 19 July, 2012 08:15PM

Re: bikes2udirect..dreadful part 2

DocB 20 July, 2012 07:41AM



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