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Re: BHF London to Brighton 2014

01 February, 2014 01:08PM
Hi Steve,

As far as I know the £24 just covers the actual ride. For an extra fee you can get transport for you and your bike back to London (or a few other places). For this £24 fee you basically get many roads closed off and two marshals at every junction between London and Brighton, plus arrangements for rest stops.

I live in west London, so it is only an eleven mile ride for me to get to the start (just to warm up). Most times I've had someone come down to Brighton with a car for transport back, but last year I was feeling fit so I stopped after the ride at a B&B and then cycled back to London the next day. If you do get a car to pick you up, arrange to meet well away from the finish point (like several miles) since the traffic is extremely bad (perhaps because 15,000 cars are trying to do the same thing) - avoid the M23/A23 if possible.

Aiming for around 10 mph seems quite reasonable - I averaged just over 11 mph last year (including hills) but I was quite fit (around 130 miles/week for the preceding two months). The fastest trip I've done was in the mid-80's when I averaged over 17 mph one year, but I've definitely slowed down with age. I recall one year I thought I was doing quite well averaging around 14 mph, and about two thirds of the way there I met some keen cyclists on their way back!

When I'm going up a hill in bottom gear I am moving at perhaps 3 mph (walking pace). I have some strange carefully selected gearing on my bike: chain rings 20-39-42 with 9-speed cassette 12-36. I regularly do camping/cycling holidays towing a trailer with my camping gear, so I really need those low gears.

- Murray
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BHF London to Brighton 2014

Steve 31 January, 2014 12:14AM

Re: BHF London to Brighton 2014

Murray R Langton 31 January, 2014 07:49PM

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Steve 31 January, 2014 10:31PM

Re: BHF London to Brighton 2014

Murray R Langton 01 February, 2014 01:08PM

Re: BHF London to Brighton 2014

Steve 01 February, 2014 02:14PM



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