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Advice on new bike

04 September, 2014 10:29PM
Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a bike and would appreciate any advice. I like the idea of using for a commute but am not comfortable with facing the rush hour traffic (very busy roads in north Sheffield.) Have looked and there is the option of a longer route (9/10 miles each way) using part of the TPT which I could access about 1 mile from home. Which leads to the question of which type would be most suitable. Would a hybrid be suitable for the route, or if some of the route is tracks etc would a mountain bike be a better option?

I will also be wanting to use the bike for recreation but again mainly on bike routes off public roads, but no "off-roading" as such.

Having done a bit of basic research I understand I should be spending a reasonable amount but I would definately want just the one bike, any suggestions on a suitable hybrid if the tyres etc would be ok for this sort of route?

I am planning on visiting a local store soon but would like to have a better idea of what I actually need before I go in. A couple of shops near me have a range of Ridgeback bikes in store that seem to be suitable? Or would the benefits of wider tyres on a mtb outweigh the disadvatanges when on road/better surfaces?


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Advice on new bike

bruce 04 September, 2014 10:29PM

Re: Advice on new bike

Murray R Langton 07 September, 2014 08:39AM

Re: Advice on new bike

Steve 10 October, 2014 11:38PM

Re: Advice on new bike

gary p 20 October, 2014 07:14PM


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