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Re: Advice on new bike

07 September, 2014 08:39AM
Hi Bruce,

A hybrid with tyres either 35 mm or 38 mm wide is perfectly adequate for mild off-road cycling; that is what I have been using for over 20 years on towpaths and reasonable woodland paths. A mountain bike with wide nobbly tyres is fine for serious off-road stuff but is very inefficient on road or smooth surfaces (you can easily lose 15% of your pedalling effort in the tyres). Since you are planning on a 10 mile commute, efficiency is a concern.

In the low to medium price range, the brand of hybrid doesn't matter too much; the important thing is consistent component quality (gears, shifters, derailleurs, bottom bracket, brakes, wheels). I personally wouldn't consider suspension since it adds weight and is something else to go wrong.

Try and visit several bike shops (not Halfords) and see how feel about each place and how you get on with the staff, since having a reliable place for maintenance and parts is very important in the long run.

If you will be cycling in the rain or when surfaces are wet, then mudguards are a good idea, since they stop water spraying up the middle of your back.

If you will be carrying anything regularly then consider a rear carrier rack with either panniers or a rack bag - wearing a rucksack when cycling is not generally a good idea except for very short rides (it lifts your center of gravity and can make your back sweaty).

And don't forget a good quality lock, and possibly a helmet.

I hope these suggestions are of some use.

- Murray
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Advice on new bike

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Re: Advice on new bike

Murray R Langton 07 September, 2014 08:39AM

Re: Advice on new bike

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Re: Advice on new bike

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