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Re: Inner tubes

10 October, 2014 11:54PM
Schrader valves are typically used in wider rims. They have a necessary hole diameter of 8mm compared to 6mm for a presta valve.

Pressure capability is near identical, though there is the risk of a small (typically insignificant) loss of some air as the pump is removed but general consensus is that the loss is from the air in the feeding host rather than from the valve.

I would suggest that, if your rims are drilled for 6mm presta valves you are best to maintain that valve type, simply because enlarging the hole to accommodate the larger 8mm Schrader valve *may* cause some weakening of the rim structure.

When looking at replacement tubes, the smaller quoted diameter is the smallest tyre the tube will sensibly fit. Asking a tube to stretch beyond (via inflation) its quoted maximum width wouldn't be dangerous per se, but it can make the tube more prone to punctures.

I'd suggest gettingng the 38-45.
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Inner tubes

Steve 10 October, 2014 07:45PM

Re: Inner tubes

Steve 10 October, 2014 07:51PM

Re: Inner tubes

siwatts 10 October, 2014 11:54PM

Re: Inner tubes

Steve 11 October, 2014 02:36PM


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